COUNTLESS WOMEN and children 

The proper way of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts.​​​
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A Red Rose Foundation is stopping the cycle of domestic violence one family at a time, by providing a safe and nurturing environment. We provide counseling for mom and kids, transportation, school aid, and daycare. Our mission is to fulfill these needs that are not met. We are securing that each family that passes through our care and programs will leave accomplished, meaning, they will be equipped to have a job, emotionally stronger and able to support themselves without having to rely on you or me.

Shelters are too full, and only keeps victims for a short length of stay, causing these families no choice but to go back to the abuser, because they have no means to support themselves, they can't go to a family or friend, because, study shows 20% of homicide victims were either family members, person who intervened or law enforcement. Despite public awareness, housing and shelters are not enough to keep victims safe.



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Children in domestic violence have witnessed it.


People killed were not intimate partners, but family members, friends, law enforcement


The presence of a gun in domestic violence increases the risk of homicide.

After leaving abuser there is that terrible awful fear that is just beginning.

Who is going to help me.

Where am I going to live.

How will I support my family.

How am I going to feed my children.

I don't know how I am going to do this on my own.

Will my children be safe.

The fear of leaving is what keeps women with their abuser.