A Red Rose Foundation is a group of individuals dedicated to  helping families coming out of domestic violence to get back on their feet, We strive to be a steady support system that will walk with them on the road to recovery.

As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.

Board of Directors

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Donna Bassett Vice President

I’ve work in the hospitality/theme park industry for over 42 yrs.  I have 3 grown children and 1 grandchild.  I am a native of Tampa, Florida.  I enjoy the beach, traveling and spending time with family.  I’ve always had a passion for giving and serving others whether through volunteering in the community or my local church.  I did not hesitate to say yes when my neighbor Chandra Bachu asked me to be on the board of her nonprofit organization A Red Rose Foundation.  I believe in her mission and vision to help women and children who have been through domestic violence.  Her personal story, passion and determination is truly inspiring and I know she will see this foundation become a reality.

Pamela Pepin headshot.png

Pamela Pepin CFO


Chandra Bachu CEO

I was in a domestic violence relationship with my ex husband for many years. I desperately tried to leave with my kids 3 times, there were threats of killing everyone that would help me to leave, also due to a lack of career and monies I couldn't bear seeing my kids without, not having a home where they slept on their own beds, I was in a place where I felt there was no end. There was the constant verbal abuse of I was a nothing, I will never amount to being anything, I should consider jumping in front of a train and ending my life, I prayed everyday for this to come to an end, it was a daily abuse. One incident among many, after coming home from work drunk, he started cursing because food wasn't ready, he choked me in the bathroom where I was bathing my son, I took my baby to the bedroom where he followed, grabbed him and dashed him on the bed, his little body bumped, I had to race over on the other side to catch him before he reached the ground, he didn't know what was happening, we were all crying hysterically, including my daughter in the other room, because I would always tell her to stay far when anything was going on. I left the next day, but there was not sufficient help. It was a provision of a safe house for a temporary stay, and I had to figure out how I was going to get an apartment without money.  So after having to repeatedly run to a shelter, hearing the horrific stories, seeing how many of us ended up going back, because we didn't have the resources, is why I formed this foundation.

​I want to give another woman an opportunity to leave, a way out, it breaks my heart when I see and know there are many women that wants help, but will sacrifice for their kids by staying.



Giovanni Este Director

After twenty-two years of working in the Capital Markets helping investors increase their assets, I shifted my interest to something bigger, helping individuals, and supporting numerous local organizations and charities, like Community Stepping Stones, Westshore Alliance, and Linkedln Local Tampa. 

My interest in A Red Rose Foundation is based on seeing how I can be an asset to helping the children coming out of Domestic Violence.

As a professional, I am a reliable, loyal, and hardworking Realtor®.  I find solutions for buyers and sellers by pairing them with lenders, home inspectors, staging professionals, title companies, and insurance companies just to name a few so I can boost their net worth through home ownership.

    Whether buying or selling I can provide you with a complete consultation that includes a thorough market analysis. Count on my expertise so you can accomplish your goal of selling or buying your home.

When I am not helping people buy or sell their home, I enjoy cooking/baking (I have a Pastry Diploma), checking out local restaurants, traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends.  

Pierre Pic.jpg

Pierre Rodgers Odom - Dir/ Secretary


Carl R. Keyes Director

Growing up with 3 sisters I have always had a caring and understanding heart for females, and always been against Domestic Violence. I support A Red Rose Foundation 100% for working towards stopping the cycle of domestic violence one family at a time, by providing an environment to give these families a chance for a better future. 

After leaving SW Louisiana, I endeavored in the Investigation Industry, with over 12 years of experience. Being the CEO of Keyes Investigations, Inc.we are a dedicated company serving Insurance fraud and Infidelity cases throughout the State of Florida.

Traci red rose pic.jpeg

Traci Callen

As a stay at home mom, I joined A Red Rose Foundation to form new relationships and serve women in need in our community. I heard the passion in Chandra’s voice and found her idea groundbreaking. This foundation will offer an opportunity to break the cycle and real lasting help to women and children in domestic violence situations. -Traci Callen

A Red Rose Foundation Inc,  We bring domestic violence to an end

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